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My Bipolar Brain

The ups, downs and in-betweens of a bipolar life redeemed by grace, written honestly and beautifully by my favorite sister in the whole wide world.

Scotty Smith’s Daily Prayer

Scotty Smith is the founding pastor of Christ Community Church in Franklin, Tennessee.  Sitting under his teaching while I was a student at Vanderbilt was the first time I really heard the person and work of Jesus as the subject of each sermon rather than me and what I should now be motivated to do or be more.  The Gospel as it informs every aspect of each day rather than merely an entry ticket to heaven after death is beautifully articulated by Scotty in each of his daily prayers.
 Christian Counseling & Education Foundation

CCEF is the home of some of my favorite writers/teachers on the practical application of the person and work of Jesus in transforming my heart.  This Biblical counseling resource replaces a do-it-yourself redecoration approach to Biblical application with a view of His professional renovation of my heart through the daily suffering and celebrations of life.  His purposeful scripting of each scene in each of my days is framed in the telling of His story of redemption as the grand story interprets my story.
 Living Story

Elizabeth Turnage delicately and masterfully draws participants into their own stories of creation, fall, redemption and toward a view of our future “glory self”.  Both in her writing and through her workshops and materials she ushers us into a wakeful state of participation in God’s story in areas where we didn’t even realize we were sleeping.